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Название: Experimental takeover of cities
Отправлено: Stan от 2016-08-14, 07:55:06
The game atm does not allow capturing cities, only tribute.

To make things funnier and see how it goes, the possibility of capturing has been added on Prehistoric (after round finish, before server restart).

1. city must be paying tribute (only player who is paid tribute to, may capture the city)
2. tribute must have been paid for at least 24 hours (measured by current tribute, i.e. renewing it will reset this timer)
3. there must be a unit present on the paying city and it must be a unit of the user who is been paid tribute to (type and size of the unit is irrelevant, one worker unit will do)
4. unit mentioned above must be the only unit on the city (another unit of the same player or any other player present will prevent capture)
5. city may not be a capital
6. city may not have wonders built
7. all above conditions fulfilled and capture server script is running (at the moment it is run manually, from time to time or on requests)

If the conditions are met, then capture script will hand the city over to new owner, including:
- full control over city (construction queue, decorations, income -- new city will be the same as original cities
- all buildings in the city
- all troops in the city
- all city map cells -- all cells, that were taken by this city when its cultural borders grew (sometimes a city may have been built inside player's territory on the territory of a previously built city, in this case this new city might have no territory of its own)
- resources on the transferred city territory
- finally, tribute, that the city was paying to the new owner, would be removed

New owner will get all the score points, that are given for statutes, culture and population, the state (if new owner belongs to any, will increase; new city population will be added to the total of new owner, thus increasing his/her provision and maximum unit size etc, etc

Script is activated manually by me atm. If it works fine, we will switch to every hour.

Parameters not directly mentioned do not matter: alive or barbarian, troops disbanded in the city or defensive buildings etc. Changes may be made later.

P.S. Cities capture has been activated on Trebia, after round finish there. Please, note, cities capture is an experimental feature at the current moment, it is only activated manually on servers where game has finished already. Do not expect it to be introduced on the live servers.
Название: Re: Experimental takeover of cities
Отправлено: Stan от 2016-09-05, 12:06:32
Current Trebia server has the takeover option included from the start. Conditions 5 and 6 do not apply, i.e. almost limitless takeover.
Название: Re: Experimental takeover of cities
Отправлено: Stan от 2016-09-07, 12:12:00
7a. Capturing script is set to run automatically every 10 minutes.